Customer Reviews

11th August 2020 Australia

Hi Michelle - Package received! It’s perfect for the wall 
Many thanks,Gillian
11th August 2020 Set of 5 Lily
Hi Michelle,
My order from you arrived yesterday safely and are now looking beautiful on the wall.
Thank you so much, it’s lovely to have artwork from different parts of NZ, and so nice it is made from recycled material.
Kind Regards


29th April 2020

Hi Ross and Michelle,
My lillies arrived today and I love them.
Thank you I look forward to purchasing again from you sometime, your service and artwork are excellent.
Kind regards,
22nd April 2020
Hi Michelle 
The weave turned up today and it is spectacular. My hubby loves it and we've put it up in the entrance way so it's first thing we see when we walk in the door! Thank you for your beautiful work. 


March 2020 Kangaroo Island, Australia
Hi Michelle 
Photo of my King!! Looks pretty good, pity the coals have gone cold.
6th March 2020
Hello Ross and Michelle
About 2 weeks ago I came on a day trip from Auckland to Coromandel and bought one of your woven copper wall art works which you kindly wrapped up so I could bring it back to the uk.
Just wanted to tell you it arrived!  Air NZ were great  and loaded it we thought through to London but due to Corono virus we had to return home via LA which needless to say caused a hassle  and it did not arrive in London with us but it was delivered to our house 2 days later.  We had made a trip to Bunnings to buy some hardboard and bubble wrap to stop it bending and it arrived in a good state and I am now waiting for some sunshine so I can see its real variation in colour!  Not found a permanent home yet but will wait till the summer arrives, if ever!
So thank you, I am pleased with it
Best wishes
Maggie Brookes
Feb 2020
Morning Michelle 
Love all my copper art, my trellis looks great but photo not doing all your lovely work justice. 
Looking forward to seeing what else you have at Martinborough Fare
15th January 2020
Picked up the Marlin from Main freight, its awesome !!
Thanks G
King Fish has just arrived ....OUTSTANDING !!!!!!
Thank you so much my Husband is going to flip when he receives it tomorrow !
Thank you so much for the quick, timely delivery of my recent purchase. The lobster is fantastic! Thanks also for the careful packaging. You provide a great service.
Kindest regards,
20th December 2019

Hi Michelle and Ross

We arrived back in Te Aroha with all the copperwork in place. Checked it several times and it never moved.

We absolutely love it, and think you'll agree it looks great. Thanks so much

Kathy and Kevin



Hi Michelle
My order arrived just now in the post.
They look great!
Thank you 
Sue  😁
26th October 2019
Hi Michelle & Ross
I bought a weave from you today from the markets at Whangamata and wanted to write a review but can’t find where to do this on your website.
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know it is now on my wall and it looks magnificent, thanks very much..
Your work is stunning and I could have bought heaps more.
Lyn Dorreen
11th December 2019
Thank you sooooo much for the absolutely beautiful copperwork.  I love them both.
Regards Coral
Hi Michelle
 Love the copper stingrays and the fish. Cheers Ray USA
Hi Michelle,
I just thought I'd let you know that everybody LOVED their butterflies and the sunflower. You really do amazing artwork and it's so great that you use recycled product.
Once again, thanks so much for your fantastic service and fabulous gifts.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and have a great weekend. 
Best wishes and no doubt I'll be back in touch at some point in the future for more…!
Take care,
Carolyn 😊
13/06/2019  Auckland

 Afternoon Michelle and Ross. The Albatross has landed( a very rare event I know !)We were away last week otherwise we would have received it earlier.Very impressed with the packaging up- you did a grand job!Duncan’s birthday isn’t until August but he’s  having an early birthday present.It kept him occupied for a while opening the package - that’s half the fun of birthdays I think!

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into getting it to us, we’ll send you a photo when we’ve decided where to put it.

 Thanks again

 Judith (United Kingdom) 



 Hi guys

I didn’t make it into the Home Show but hope you did well there.

Here are your flax flowers looking stunning in my stairwell at Otaki Beach. They went up yesterday.

Many thanks




Ross & Michelle its perfect, thank you so much!  Great work, it looks awesome :) Regards Carolyn - Whangarei

I just want to say a massive thankyou guys, I received my order back in Jan, but didn't open it as it was purchased as a 7yr wedding anniversary gift for my hubby, today  it is a absolutely fabulous, outstanding detail. thank you sooooooo much :)  Cheers Kay

Thanks a million Michelle, I thought it would be a bit tight, with the long weekend. It arrived and looks beautiful - Thanks Jessie

Just collected a copper stingray for a presentation gift.  Lovely job, well packaged for courier and a pleasure to do business with. Regards Glen Michel Kwan


5th October 2018

Morning Michelle 

Love all my copper art, my trellis looks great but photo not doing all your lovely work justice. 
Looking forward to seeing what else you have at Martinborough Fare
12th September 2018
Dear Ross and Mitch,

I had already ordered a large NZ map for my brother in December last year.

It is a beautiful peace of art, so I want to order a large NZ map for myself as well.

Regards Andi