• When will I receive my order?
    If the item is in stock and payment has been cleared, item will be shipped that day. The quickest way for us to receive your payment is through the manual payment option where funds are transferred online. We use NZ Post Haste & New Zealand Post Track and Trace. When your order is sent, you will receive an email with the tracking number attached to track the delivery.
    • South Island - Allow approx. 7 days for delivery
    • North Island - Allow approx. 5 days for delivery
    • Overseas Shoppers
      At present all the freight charges shown are for NZ domestic deliveries only. If you would like to make an order for delivery overseas, please contact us first before placing your order so we can let you know the post & packaging and how to pay for the item.
  • Will my copper art go green if I put it outside?
    All Copperworkx products are sprayed with a clear metal lacquer that will hold the colours and stop tarnishing for many many years. The rate varies with every area, products near the sea may tarnish more quickly. We have a 20-year-old snapper in the gallery that is looking a bit aged, but still great! 
  • How do you make the copper go green or blue?
    We use a acid wash to advance the patina or green look on the copper.
    We do not use paint. If you prefer your product to naturally go green, ask us not to lacquer it. We can either patina it or leave it raw to weather naturally.
  • What does 100% recycled mean?
    All of the Copperworkx products are recycled from old hot water cylinders. The copper wire we use is from electrical items, and the copper pipe is from old houses. Even the fish eyes used in the large fish are from recycled glass. 
  • Are the colours painted on?
    No, the colours created on Copperworkx products are made from the heat effect of the gas torch used to cut them out.
  • Will my Copperworkx product break?
    Copper is very malleable and in most instances can be bent back into shape. However, it can only be done a few times before metal fatigue sets in and it breaks.
  • Will the Copper rust?
    The metal copper does not rust or corrode so will last forever. We use a good lacquer that stops the process.
  • Are you taking any extra steps for COVID-19?
    We use strict hygiene practices when packing orders. Mr Google tells us that copper has antiseptic properties and copper has killing powers for viruses. Viruses can survive for days on glass & stainless steel but dies within hours after making contact with copper.
  • Cancellation Policy?
    We do not provide refunds if you have simply changed your mind.